Amy Duggar: Here’s Why Fans Think She’s Secretly Pregnant With Baby #2!

Like the rest of her infamous family, Amy Duggar has been in the news quite a lot in recent months.

But unlike most of the Duggars, Amy isn’t afraid to speak out against her powerful Uncle Jim Bob.

Amy supported Jill Duggar when she released her debut memoir, and she was one of only two Duggars to participate in the controversial Amazon documentary Shiny Happy People.

It was an eventful summer for the mother of one, and now, fans think Amy might close out the year with a couple of major life announcements.

For starters, Amy has hinted that she’s working on a memoir of her own.

And we’re sure her book will depict Jim Bob in an even more unflattering light!

On top of that, fans are convinced that Amy is secretly pregnant with her second child.

The rumors stem mainly from Amy’s most recent Instagram post, a tribute to her son, four-year-old Daxton.

“My little built in bestie … you’re all I’ve ever wanted and prayed for! I love watching you learn and soak up the world around you and enjoy life!” she captioned the photo.

“It’s such a gift and being your Mama isn’t a role I take lightly. This world is hurting right now and I do not take one single second with you for granted,” Amy continued.

“You are so loved, blessed and protected and my heart breaks for what is happening. This world is not our home.”

That last sentence is a little ominous, but Amy was clearly feeling a bit glum about the state of society when she posted.

Also, it seems that she’s held onto some of Jim Bob’s unorthodox beliefs, including the teaching that the “material world” is an illusion created by the devil.

Anyway, Amy’s somewhat loose-fitting sweatsuit was enough to convince some fans that she’s hiding a baby bump.

“My next Duggar pregnancy prediction is Amy!” one Reddit user wrote in response to the pic.

“I think that’s believable, she always hides her stomach,” another added, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

Others were more skeptical, with many pointing out that Amy has stated she has no desire to expand her family further.

“Amy said she only wanted one child. I doubt she will have another one,” one fan commented.

“Dax is a holy terror and being a mom seems to be a huge struggle for Amy,” another added.

There’s no actual evidence that Amy is pregnant, and we have no reason to doubt her when she says she only wants one kid.

So our guess would be that she’s not expecting.

Still, you can be sure the rumors will persist until Amy addresses the matter directly.

Hey, at least it’s free publicity for her upcoming memoir!

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