‘Had To Actively Work On A Lot’

Ira Khan On Having The Most Complicated Relations With Her Parents: 'Had To Actively Work On A Lot'

Ira Khan has created quite a name for herself, courtesy of her relentless efforts towards social welfare, as well creating awareness about mental health. Daughter of Aamir Khan and his ex-wife, Reena Dutta, Ira hasn’t followed her father’s footsteps into the film world. On the contrary, it is Ira’s brother, Junaid, who is rooting for his Bollywood debut soon. Speaking about Ira’s personal life, she is engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Nupur Shikhare, and the duo will reportedly get hitched by the next year.

Ira Khan reveals having a very complicated relationship with her parents

In a recent interaction with India Today, Ira Khan was asked about her father, Aamir Khan’s absence from her growing up years and whether it hampered with the kind of equation she shares with him now. In response, Ira mentioned that she had to work a lot when it came to her relationship with both her parents. Adding how she shares the most complicated relationship of her life with her parents, Ira mentioned:

“My relationship with both my parents is something that I’ve had to actively work on a lot. Because the relationship with your parents is the most intense relationship you will ever have. It is the most complicated relationship because you care the most about what they say, so it will take the most, and it will also make you the happiest, both ways.”

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Ira says that her communication with her mother, Reena is easier than with her father, Aamir

Speaking more about the equation she shares with both of her parents, Ira mentioned how it is much easier for her to converse with her mother, than with her father. She added how she still often feels that her father is busy at work, and she can reach out to him only when needed. In her words:

“I think right now my communication with my mother is slightly easier than with my father but I communicate with both of them as openly. In my head, I have this thing that my father is busy even though he has always said, if you need me just call me. In terms of opening up, I am equally close to both of them.”


When Ira spoke about her reason behind dropping out of college

In another segment of the same interview, Ira Khan spoke about her decision to drop out of college and highlighted how she regretted doing the same. For the unversed, Ira was a student at Utrecht University, Netherlands, from where she dropped out in 2016, owing to mental health issues. She recalled how she took such a massive decision out of fear and panic and crooned that she could’ve waited for some more time in order for things to settle down gradually.

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When Ira talked about having a history of mental disorder in her family

In an earlier interview with The Times Of India, Ira Khan had spoken about the reason behind running a campaign for mental health and added how she used to have frequent breakdowns at different points in her life. Moreover, she highlighted how mental health disorders have a past in her family, and added how at the time of her parents’ divorce, she suffered from a severe bout of depression. In her words:

“Every 8-10 months I will have a big crash. It’s partly genetic, partly psychological, and partly social. It took me a while to figure it out. But I have mental health disorders in my family. I also did not make healthy choices and I systematically walked into depression. My mom pointed out that I didn’t want to be alive so I would just sleep my day away so that I would have fewer hours to live in a day.”


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