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A perfect hair day is all about the right products you use. Lucky for us, Hailey Bieber shared a YouTube video, which you can watch here, detailing the steps she takes to achieve wavy hair for a night out. Some great products were mentioned in the video, specifically, the IGK BEACH CLUB Touchable Texture Spray, which will transform your hair to the perfect waves — natural-looking, sexy, and chic! Your hair can look like you’re straight off the beach in the best way possible. 

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In Hailey’s hair tutorial, she explained, “I’m going to take texturizing spray, and I’m going to spray my hair all over. I like to do a little bit of texturizing spray before [styling].” She added: “After I just shower, my hair is really clean and kind of slick. I have to sometimes add a bit more of texture spray as I’m doing my hair so that adds a little bit more of like a grip.” The IGK Texture Spray will add volume to your hair, creating a carefree beachy look, all with a non-drying and salt-free formula.

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So what the texturizing spray does is it to me gives a little bit of thickness and it mattifies the hair a little bit. I have really silky hair and when you’re trying to do anything with an iron I feel like sometimes it kind of just like slides out so this helps with that,” Hailey also shared. Some key ingredients that are infused in the product are — glycerin, which helps lock in moisture and add texture, while the gluten-free hydrolyzed wheat protein helps deliver volume and body to your hair. 

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