Kremlin’s Silent Alarm: Vladimir Putin’s Health Sparks Concern Amid Rumors

In a recent development shrouded in uncertainty, Vladimir Putin’s health has raised concerns after reports of a heart attack. The Russian leader is said to be in a “stable but serious condition,” with medical equipment monitoring his vital signs, as per

The news comes as a shock following months of speculation about the 71-year-old’s health. According to Kremlin sources, Putin suffered what’s been described as a “horrific” heart attack in Moscow on a fateful Sunday night.

General SVR reported that in the event of Putin’s passing, Russia could be led by top Russian security advisor Nikolai Patrushev, supported by a Putin body double. These revelations have sparked discussions within the president’s inner circle, exploring the possibility of forming a ‘Politburo’ prototype under Patrushev’s leadership. This body would oversee Putin’s double, who would serve as a temporary representation of the president.

A Telegram channel shared, “Now a group of representatives of the leadership of the security bloc, led by Nikolai Patrushev, is generously making promises to organize almost a kind of knightly round table, where everyone will have the opportunity to strengthen their positions in governing the country, and all decisions will be made based on consensus.”

However, not all within the Kremlin are convinced by this “knightly round table” concept. Some believe that regardless of who takes over for Putin, the system is destined to unravel. “The collapse of the system without Putin is practically a foregone conclusion,” a Kremlin official reportedly stated.

It’s worth noting that Moscow has officially denied the heart attack rumours, asserting that Putin is “alive, well, and healthy.” This incident follows closely on the heels of a prediction by Russian opposition source Valery Solovey, who claimed that Putin would not survive “the end of autumn.”

Solovey’s ominous statement in September raised questions about the potential implications of Putin’s health for both Russia and the international community, suggesting that any significant developments would be closely watched by a multitude of interested parties.

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