Putin’s Last Moments Revealed: The Shocking Events You Can’t Miss!

Putin's Last Moments Revealed: The Shocking Events You Can't Miss!

Putin’s Health Raises Concerns Amidst Canceled Public Appearance

Amid mounting speculation about the condition of Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin recently canceled a significant public appearance in Moscow, raising concerns about the Russian leader’s well-being, as reported by RadarOnline.com.

The latest development follows unverified reports suggesting that Putin, aged 71, had experienced a severe heart attack on October 22.

Kremlin officials announced the cancellation of Putin’s anticipated appearance at Russia’s Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy, scheduled for November 4.

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Regarding this decision, Putin’s spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, stated, “He won’t come to the opening, but the fact that he will, in one way or another, look at it, of course, is a must.”

Furthermore, Peskov praised the exhibition, highlighting the significant effort put into it. Notably, the exhibition is just a 30-minute drive from Putin’s official Moscow residence, which has spurred speculations about his health and fueled additional rumors regarding his recent condition.

These rumors originally surfaced via the Russian Telegram channel General SVR, reportedly led by a former Kremlin official. The channel asserted that Putin had died due to a heart attack on a Sunday night and alleged an “attempted coup” in Moscow.

“Attention! There is currently an attempted coup in Russia!” the channel claimed. “Russian President Vladimir Putin died this evening at his residence in Valdai.”

“At 20:42 Moscow time, doctors stopped resuscitation and pronounced death,” the Telegram channel added. General SVR also alleged that Putin’s doctors were confined in the room with the Russian leader’s lifeless body by members of the presidential security service.

Meanwhile, Dmitry Peskov issued a statement denying the rumors about Putin’s alleged death, categorizing them as “absurd information canards” and “fake news.”

“These stories belong to the category of fake news, discussed with enviable tenacity by a number of media outlets,” Peskov told a Russian state media outlet, adding, “This brings nothing but a smile in the Kremlin.”

Previously, General SVR reported that Putin had suffered a “horrific” heart attack in Moscow on a late Sunday night. It was alleged that he was in a “stable but serious condition” following the rumored heart attack, with the Telegram channel stating that his doctors held little optimism about his chances of recovery.

“The real Putin lies in a room equipped at an intensive care ward in his residence, connected to equipment that monitors his vital parameters,” General SVR claimed. “After the cardiac arrest on Sunday evening, the attending doctors assess the condition of the Russian President as stable and serious and consider the prospects without optimism.”

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